Food Chain Safety

Food Chain Safety is the exclusive provider of the MATS™ food sterilization system, utilizing technology developed by Washington State University in coordination with government and industry partners. MATS™ food sterilization systems deliver proven benefits of taste, texture, and nutritional value. Seeing is believing when you look at our gallery.

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  • Safer Products

    Decreases the additives and preservatives necessary.

  • Fresher Foods

    Decreased processing needs create fresher, better tasting foods.

  • Better Flavor

    Better color, texture, flavor achieved through the unique MATS™ technology.

  • More Nutritious

    Retains vitamins, micronutrients, and biologic activities.

Safe Food. Healthy People.

MATS™ food sterilization systems represent a new paradigm in the food processing industry.

About FCS

Food Chain Safety is the commercial partner with Washington State University (WSU) on MATS™ food sterilization systems.

What People Are Saying

"This technology is real and can be fully validated by the FDA. MATS™ food sterilization systems offer better quality and better variety." - Kraft Foods


Click here to view videos of the MATS™ food sterilization system. Our overview featuring Juming Tang provides us with good insight into the MATS™ technology.


The results are impressive. By using MATS™ food sterilization systems you can achieve better taste, more nutrients, and a safer product. Click here to view images of the results attained using the MATS™ food sterilization system.